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Now both Stickistas Compilations available to listen online.

In tribute to Emmett Chapman (1936-2021)


by Guillermo Cides


In the ’80s and thanks to recordings of Peter Gabriel and King Crimson, the Chapman Stick began to be popular. The audience’s view about the Stick was initially -and wrongly- understood as a “different bass”. Over time, the Stick revealed that it was more than a bass, but a compositional instrument with great potential for solo concerts. An infinite world of guitars, chords, bass lines, percussion and piano concepts gave rise to a whole generation of Stickistas who showed the world the real sound of the Stick.


My job as musician and director of the Stick Center has been to promote and make Stick Artists visible wherever possible, leaving for music history the full meaning of the instrument created by Emmett Chapman (1936-2021).


This Compilations of Hispanic Stickistas, along with other promotional work, classes, seminars, Stick Camp, tours and concerts, is a historical and “silent” action that discovers the true Stick artists.


Enjoy it.



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