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What is Itunes LP?

iTunes LP is the new digital format that allows you to listen to music, while at the same time viewing images, text, videos, links and graphic art. It allows the listener to have a more complete experience with the music, while learning more about the instrument and it’s players.


What do you need? Just to have iTunes installed. If you don’t have it yet, you can download it <here>


When you download our files, you will find instructions on how to open them and see them and play them.



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Stickistas Itunes LP  Stickistas Itunes LP Stickistas Itunes LP



40 Stick artists from different countries, cultures and styles. An unprecedented album, unique in the music world.
Includes historic images, bios and links to each musician and videos about Emmett Chapman and the Stick.


Stickistas: Cristian Larrondo, Joaquín Garcia, Ensamble de Stickistas de Argentina, David Arceo, Francisco Rafart, Gonzalo Murienega, Guillermo Cides, Japhlet Bire Attias, Juan C. Camardella, Juan S. Dahmen, Hugo Santos, Marcelo Witto Mättig, Sebastian Bianchini, Jose Albarracin, Luis Ruiz, Patricio Benadon, Jero Castellà, Osvaldo Alegre, Juan Leon, Andrés Moraga, German Rodriguez Vicente, Hugo Filgueira, Daniel Mastrorilli, Pablo Giglioti, Miquel Romero, Sílvia Gallego Sánchez, Silvio Paredes, Gustavo Vidal, Matías Valentín Betti, Mauricio Manchon, Dirseus, Mauricio Sotelo, Diego Muñoz, Jesus Borrero, Nelson Emilio Aristizabal Mejia, Bernardo Dominguez, Cristian Ponce, Sebastian Woscoboinik, Babel, Maqui Tenconi.


Produced by Stick Center and Guillermo Cides (

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